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About Us

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I am a nationally and internationally published photographer with decades of experience working for publications such as The New York Times and Sports Illustrated, as both a photographer and editor, and also with years spent covering major events such as the Olympics. I will bring the depth of this experience towards documenting your special moment, creating a compelling portrait or headshot, or documenting your unique event. Building a visual narrative is something I am trained to do, and I will treat your event the same as if it were an assignment for a top publication or a story about an elite athlete. In my eyes the two are equal.

I began photographing at an early age and have traveled the world with my cameras, and produced long term stories on artists, athletes, communities and national issues. What I find to be the common connective tissue in any photographic engagement, whether it be a major world event or your wedding, is capturing shared humanity and emotion. These are the elements which make images come to life, and resonate long beyond the event itself.

I enjoy meeting new people, and helping to support their work or life goals through photography and image making.